NDIS Short Term Accommodation in Adelaide: Do you really need it?

September 26, 2022    |    By Madeeha Usman    |    5 min read
NDIS Short Term Accommodation in Adelaide_ Do you really need it_

NDIS Short term accommodation in Adelaide (STA) is a helpful initiative that will provide individuals on NDIS with temporary accommodation support, especially when they need a break from their usual lifestyle. Moreover, careers might also get a break from their caregiving duties, which is also called respite for careers. For NDIS providers and participants, it is so important to be aware of the resources available to you.

Why is respite care important?

The short-term accommodation by NDIS is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, it helps individuals exercise more choice and control by indulging themselves in social and community-based activities. Moreover, making connections with individuals of similar interests. At Care Assure respite programs, we have seen individuals finding companionship or real friendship with each other.

Secondly, it allows participants to feel inclusive and connected with the community. A great initiative to support one with improving their independence in social skills. Lastly, short term accommodation can provide respite for caregivers and families of people with disabilities. This respite can help reduce stress and improve the quality of care that caregivers are able to provide.

What does respite exactly provide?

Short accommodation by Care Assure is inclusive of accommodation, food, and local and community-based events with 24/7 proactive support. However, we have broken down a list of things you can access within your respite program (but please note, it also depends on what your provider is providing, also including the support ratio of your client).

What does respite exactly provide_

1. Accommodation

Your respite program is inclusive of all, which means you can choose your own accommodation. Many providers provide their own respite homes or hotels with 5-star facilities. With Care Assure, we provide respite options in Adelaide and South Australia that include 5-star rated facilities. Moreover, all our respite options are based on a client’s accessibility and support needs.

For more information on our respite programs in Adelaide, please visit Care Assure Respite Options.

2. Access to medical and psycho-social support

With 24/7 support that is inclusive of trained support workers, who support clients with their medication management, meal preparation or personal care needs. The NDIS STA option is one of the most suitable and viable options for individuals looking for inclusive support. Moreover, many individuals also require highly accessible support needs and are also available through your respite options.

With Care Assure, our respite accommodations include highly trained support workers who are MHFA (Mental Health First Aid) certified and MAPA (Managing Actual or Potential Aggression). All our SIL & respite facilities help individuals with highly trained support to help a client make the most of their NDI'S plan.

3. Opportunities to learn new skills

Short Term Accommodation can help people with disabilities to live independently and participate in the community. Short term accommodation can provide a safe and supported environment for people to learn new skills and experience new things. For example, at Care Assure we provide hiking, rock climbing, bush walking, or going fishing-based opportunities. Participants have the option to either choose a group or go by themselves.

One of our recent respite programs was a customized program for a participant to visit Victor Harbor. Our participant who enjoyed visiting the historical sites and riding on the Cockle train had a delightful respite experience. Not only our client felt refreshed and rejuvenated, but also felt more independent and included. The NDIS certainly can provide individuals living with disabilities with short-term accommodation to help them have a better quality of life.

4. Access to community-based events

Although STA lasts for 14 days (and 28 days in total). It is a wonderful opportunity for individuals to go visit the shows they like. For example, an individual may like to visit the Circus or the Royal Adelaide Showgrounds. Moreover, it could also be a movie they wanted to watch. This helps them feel independent and a part of the community.

5. Easier access to work and shopping

NDIS STA program is available via NDIS providers, or you can also speak with your support coordinator or a LAC planner, for finding suitable options. It provides easy access to work and shopping by providing accommodation for people who need it during short-term stays.

Finding a suitable short-term accommodation provider!

Finding a suitable NDIS short term accommodation can be a challenge, you need to look for an NDIS service provider who would actually serve you in the best possible manner. Moreover, have everything planned for the participant or allow them to customize their own respite program. Finding a suitable respite provider in Adelaide or anywhere in Australia can be hard. And hence why our experts recommend always requesting an itinerary with potential providers. Moreover, also look for organizations that truly care about the participant’s needs and goals. In the end, it is about the client and what they like or don’t like.

At Care Assure, we help you customize your respite options as per your interests and hobbies. For more information on our respite programs, please contact us at 08 7071 9276 or visit STA Respite Adelaide.

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