Capacity Building NDIS

Capacity Building NDIS

Being able to live independently and do things for yourself is largely reliant on having particular skills under your belt. That’s why the NDIS offers funding to help people with a disability develop certain life skills, like cooking, cleaning and finding a job. Capacity Building NDIS is about learning how to seize the day on your own, and Care Assure is here to help make it happen.

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What is Capacity Building NDIS?

NDIS funding is split into three main categories, Capacity Building, NDIS Core Supports and Capital Supports. Capacity Building NDIS includes a range of supports that help you build your independence, develop life skills and encourage you to participate more fully in your local community.

Care Assure can provide NDIS Capacity Building services to help you:

The key purpose of this funding is to support your goals to build long-term independence. This is achieved through life skills development and assistance with daily activities.

CB Daily Activities

We are here to provide support, supervision and assistance with your daily activities while you work towards more independence.

NDIS Life Skills Development

Work towards your goals to develop independence, confidence and everyday life skills so that you can live your best life..

What are the 9 subcategories of Capacity Building?

Within Capacity Building sits 9 subcategories. Each aims to help you develop skills and become more confident in various areas of your life.

Capacity Building Category

Coordination of Supports

Description of Support; How Care Assure Can Help

Fixed amount that funds a Support Coordinator to help you best utilise your NDIS plan

  • Help finding a provider
  • Developing skills to maintain relationship with your provider/support worker
  • Developing skills to get the most out of your provider/support worker

Improved Living Arrangements

Support for finding and maintaining a place to live.

  • Help finding your own accommodation
  • Help understanding rental agreements and contracts
  • Advice on questions to ask during the house buying/renting process

Increased Social & Community Participation

Training and skills to manage life independently and increase participation in your community.

  • Help joining sport or community clubs
  • Attending social events in your community
  • Building social skills to connect with others in your community

Finding & Keeping a Job

Services to help with employment-related support, including training and assessments

  • How to write a resume & cover letter
  • Practicing interview questions
  • Developing basic computer & admin skills

Improved Relationships

Help developing positive behaviours, including social skills development.

  • Learning to read social cues & body language
  • Managing own behaviours
  • Developing skills for better conversations with others

Improved Health & Wellbeing

Help with managing diet, exercise, nutrition and physical wellbeing.

  • Learning to prepare your own meals
  • Seeing a nutritionist or personal trainer

Improved Daily Living

Covers some NDIS services, therapy and/or training by a professional (e.g. physiotherapy, occupational therapy) that can help to increase your skills, independence and community participation.

Improved Life Choices

Help with plan management, organisational and self-management skills.

  • Learning how to manage your money
  • Help with your NDIS Plan budgeting
  • Developing skills to self-manage your NDIS Plan

Improved Learning

Help with researching, applying for and conducting further education or training.

  • Help with applications to TAFE or university
  • Learning study skills; group assignment & participation skills
  • Support to attend lectures or classes

Capacity Building Programs at Care Assure

When it comes to Capacity Building NDIS programs at Care Assure, we understand that everyone is different and has their own unique goals for working towards independence. Our programs are flexible and tailored to your personal situation. We consider everything from the type of support you need, how often and at what level. In addition to this, we consider your Capacity Building goals, and what it will take to help you achieve that.

The Care Assure team is made up of highly skilled professionals from a variety of qualifications and backgrounds. Social workers, allied health and mental health professionals, disability workers, NDIS plan managers and more are all here to help you develop the skills you need to lead an independent life.

Improved Learning

Help with researching, applying for and conducting further education or training.

  • Help with applications to TAFE or university
  • Learning study skills; group assignment & participation skills
  • Support to attend lectures or classes

Are you ready to kick your independence goals?

Learn more about Capacity Building NDIS programs with Care Assure

Capacity Building FAQs

Capacity-building support involves services that are delivered in order to help participants develop life skills so they can build more independence. 

Capacity Building aims to help you learn and develop skills so you can achieve your independence goals. With new skills and independence, participants gain more confidence to take part in their community more frequently, making new friends, trying new things and overall making the most of their life. 

  • Core Support: activities and support that helps you in everyday life, your disability related needs and participating more fully in the community.
  • Capital Support: funding for equipment, home or vehicle modifications or specialist accommodation.
  • Capacity Building Support: activities or support that helps you to learn new skills so you can live more independently.

Yes, we do! We are a registered NDIS support provider in Adelaide and certain regional areas of SA. We have a range of capacity building supports for our participants, provided by highly qualified support workers in Adelaide and other areas of SA.

Care Assure does not provide you with a personal trainer or dietician. But our friendly team can connect you with certified personal trainers in Adelaide. By providing you with a list of providers, who can support you with your improved health and wellbeing goals. We let you choose, who you feel comfortable with.

Yes, we do! We have a range of social and community-based programs in Adelaide, Port Augusta, Whyalla and Port Pirie. You can either personalise your itinerary such as taking a trip to Victor Harbor, or participating in an art program. Additionally, we run respite holiday programs all year long.

For more information, please give us a call on 08 7071 9276 or send us a message.

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