NDIS Consumables

NDIS Consumables

Every individual living with a disability has different needs. This may also involve the need for continence-based consumables or even respiratory care supports. Our Care Assure team in Adelaide, can support you in understanding your continence needs, and choosing the right form of consumable. Be it providing in-home care, connecting you with the right provider, or even if you are based in regional South Australia. You can always rely on us!   For more information on how you can access the consumables, please speak to our friendly team on 08 7071 9276 or alternatively email us on hello@careassure.com.au   
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What are Consumables in NDIS?

NDIS Consumables is a subcategory of NDIS Core Supports. This particular funding category covers various products that you need and use on a daily basis due to your disability. With the NDIS, consumables are often disposable or one-use items, things that you consume, or items needed to help you complete a daily activity.

NDIS Consumables are divided into eight categories:

  • Continence support
  • Diabetic management supports
  • Dysphagia supports
  • Epilepsy supports
  • Nutrition supports
  • Podiatry supports
  • Respiratory supports
  • Wound and pressure care supports
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What are some NDIS Consumables examples?

Depending on your needs and your disability, NDIS Consumables can vary greatly from person to person. Also, considering the need is directly related to your disability and is of appropriate value. However, below given are some examples on the consumables NDIS list:

  • Continence products
  • Pumps and syringes for home enteral nutrition purposes
  • Specialised food supplements
  • Products to aid eating and drinking
  • Food preparation products
  • Interpreting and translating services
  • Specialised sleeping items
  • Personal care and safety products

If you need help figuring out what items are considered an NDIS Consumable, never hesitate to give us a call at 08 7071 9276 for some extra guidance.

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How to get NDIS Consumables in your plan

If you use particular items on a daily basis that are considered NDIS Consumables, then be sure to discuss this in your NDIS plan management meeting (or in your annual plan review) so it can be included under your Core Supports budget. Depending on the consumable you require, you will be required to provide evidence as to why you need the consumable.

NDIS Consumables FAQs:

Many different types of businesses can provide NDIS consumables however, anyone doing so must meet strict government quality and safety requirements. It is therefore advised to purchase from NDIS registered providers. 

Generally, NDIS participants can pay the providers of their consumables directly. If the items are over $1500 however, more than two quotes are required.

The NDIS does not cover the cost of groceries. However, if home delivered ready-made meals are part of your plan, then the NDIS will cover the cost associated with meal preparation and delivery services. 

Care Assure can either connect you with a list of consumables providers or you can also speak to your nearest Local Area Coordinator (LAC) for more information.

For more information, please give us a call on 08 7071 9276 or send us a message.

The NDIS may also provide funding for the following NDIS consumables:

  • Absorbent pull-ups or briefs
  • Mattress protectors
  • Change kits or other types of continence aids
  • Single use disposable urinary catheters

Moreover, the NDIS may also provide funding for support workers to help a participant with their everyday continence needs, if they are unable to use them independently.

The NDIS calculates funding for continence consumables by calculating it with your needs on a per day basis line, this involves if the consumable is appropriate for you and worth the value of money.

Yes, we can support you by connecting you with a list of providers. However, please note we do not provide consumables ourselves. But our friendly team is here for you to help you choose the right support or connect with the right consumables’ provider. 

Yes, the NDIS funds individuals living with dysphagia who have trouble swallowing, eating or drinking on a daily basis. Remember, the NDIS may fund supports that are considered reasonable and necessary. Also, the support should directly relate to your disability.

Yes, they do! The NDIS provides funding for diabetes management if due to functional impact on your disability, you are unable to manage your diabetes. For example, providing funding for a support worker to assist you every day with testing your blood sugar levels.  

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