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Choose Care Assure for top-tier Supported Independent Living (SIL) in Adelaide. Our 24/7 support fosters independence with personalized care plans. Experience quality living with NDIS-approved homes and services. Start your journey to a fulfilling life today!

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Your Journey to Independence Starts Here

Doing things you love at your own pace can be all you need to live a fulfilling life. Imagine getting that with your NDIS plan. Perfect! Your journey to independence starts with Care Assure, a registered supported independent living provider in Australia. With Care Assure, you tend to enjoy

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Find Your Perfect Home in Our Supported Independent Living (SIL) Vacancies

Experience the freedom and support you deserve with our Supported Independent Living (SIL) Vacancies. Our tailored approach to care ensures that individuals with disabilities can thrive in a supportive environment while maintaining their independence. With comfortable accommodations, personalised assistance, and a vibrant community, our SIL vacancies offer a fulfilling lifestyle that prioritises your well-being. Discover the benefits of SIL living today and embark on a journey towards greater independence and fulfilment

Welcome to Care Assure: Your
Reliable SIL Provider in Adelaide

It has been shown year after year that disabilities aren't an excuse not to live a great life. However, this can only happen with the proper support and care. Care Assure is an excellent provider of supported independent living to NDIS participants. As the name suggests, we create an environment that leads to independence and a fulfilling life for our participants.

We see the challenges in your everyday life; therefore, we work hand in hand with you to ensure you are always comfortable. We offer several home options to ensure individuals find a place that feels like home. Care Assure believes in each person's unique potential, so our services are structured to help individuals set and achieve personal goals.

You are welcome to a community where independence thrives and your journey is valued and celebrated.

How to Enrol in Supported Independent Living (SIL) by NDIS

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Learn about our services

Start by getting familiar with Care Assure SIL services. You can check our website, speak with a team member or read about what we offer.

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Enquire with Care Assure

Get in touch with Care Assure for quality provider’s guidance throughout the process. Feel free to reach out to us anytime with your questions and concerns.


Await a response

After your enquiry, we will respond to you promptly. We will also provide all the necessary information needed going forward.

Make Care Assure your Best NDIS SIL Decision

Making a wrong choice in your SIL provider in Adelaide cancels its purposes and goals. At Care Assure, we’re committed to ensuring every NDIS participant finds the independence, autonomy, and quality of life they yearn for.

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Pursue your goals

Care Assure creates a supportive environment where you can pursue your goals with confidence. We provide the right assistance and resources to ensure your goals are achieved.

Supported Independent Living Supported Independent Living

Do more things with less support

You can find the right balance between independence and support with Care Assure. We give you room to accomplish your goals on your terms.

Supported Independent Living Supported Independent Living

Improve your functional capacity

Our support services are designed to improve your functional capacity. We empower you to live a more independent and fun-filled life.

Supported Independent Living Supported Independent Living

Reduce your need for person-to-person support

Our main goal is to reduce your dependence on constant person-to-person assistance. This will give you greater liberty and autonomy.

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Our Satisfied Clients

I was moving houses and opted for a specialist housing solution. The not only supported me with the housing but also with their plan management services. Madeeha (the director), was very warm and friendly, she helped with my invoices and claims as well. They made the process as smooth as possible.

Kylie Esca

My daughter needed support and I received phone calls and the pack from the team. They are quite fast and efficient with their service. I had full transparency and instant updates of care workers, and the cost. Highly recommended for individuals looking for complete disability support.

Bianca Brook

The housing maintenance is excellent with good hygiene. They provide housing solutions as per the needs of participant. The staff members were warm and friendly. They went out of the way, to ensure complete care and dedication.

Donna Nisbet

We are very pleased and satisfied to see my elder sister with Care Assure. The provide attention to detail with their services. And the housing solution was quite modern and comfortable. It felt more like home for my sister. They have also personalised her room with her favourite cartoon characters and ensure that she has access to everything she needs!

Marie Smedley

I became a client of Care Assure and recently moved to a specialist housing. I was assisted with a personalised staff member, who was completely accessible. The accommodation was well built, modernised and felt like my new home. I am very happy as their process is quite straightforward and well organised

Kerry Trevillian

In-home NDIS Support Services

Care Assure support isn’t restricted to our approved homes. You can request the same support in your home. Our team is well-trained to assist you with daily activities, offer companionship and ensure your well-being. We focus on creating a safe, empowering and exciting environment for you. With Care Assure, you enjoy the following

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We offer Independent Living Support that meets your needs

Care Assure’s SIL services in Adelaide are carefully designed with due diligence and regulations. We prioritise your needs to ensure you get the right support, not just what’s readily available.

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Tailored services to all NDIS participants

Assessments of your accommodation needs

At Care Assure, we put your housing needs first. Our team of experts will work with you to evaluate your living situation and get you suitable support options.

Team work

Care Assure professional reports

We consider your health reports to make an informed decision. Analysing the reports helps us understand your needs and tailor our support services to them.

Proven NDIS provider

Daily support needs reports

Our team studies and analyses  daily support needs reports to determine your help level. Afterwards, we'll help you with everyday tasks so you may live freely.

NDIS home and living support
services in Adelaide

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Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Our SIL service provides a safe and supportive environment for individuals with disabilities to live independently. We offer various accommodation options catering to different needs and preferences.

Short-term Accommodation (STA)

Our Short-term Accommodation (STA) services provide a comfortable and secure place to stay for short periods. Do not hesitate to come on board on days you need a break from your caregiving job.

Medium-term Accommodation (MTA)

Our MTA homes are designed to emulate a real-world living situation. Participants can practise daily routines, meal preparation, and other essential life skills. Your temporary stay can be better with us.

In-home Care & Daily Support

Our daily activities program offers recreational and social opportunities to foster personal growth. We aren’t restricted to our homes alone. We provide in-home care if you want to remain in your abode.

NDIS Plan Management

Our experienced team can assist with NDIS plan management, ensuring that funding is allocated appropriately. We make sure you have access to the support and services you require with your NDIS funds.

Community Participation

What’s independence if you can’t enjoy events and activities with people you love? We empower our residents to thrive within our homes and flourish as active, engaged members of their communities.

What makes Care Assure
your best option?

Experienced team

At Care Assure, we only work with experienced and qualified staff. This way, you know all your needs and demands are met professionally.


Community engagement

A sense of belonging is an important part of SIL; we are the best at it. We create events and activities that promote social interaction and inclusivity. This will make you an integral part of our community.


Flexible NDIS Plan Management

Care Assure assists you in managing your NDIS funding, offering you the flexibility and freedom to choose and receive the support that best suits your needs and requirements.

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Personalised approach

We do not do one-size-fits-all at Care Assure. Our SIL support services are carefully designed to meet your requirements and needs.


Proven success

What makes one the best, if not past success? Over the years, Care Assure has been proven to be a successful NDIS service provider. We have improved the lives of individuals with disabilities through our SIL services.


Quality of life enhancement

Care Assure is committed to enhancing your overall quality of life. This ensures you have the resources and care necessary for a fulfilling and enriching experience.


Start living an independent & empowered life today

Do you want to be part of the Care

Supported Independent Living (SIL): Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Supported Independent Living (SIL) refers to a range of services and supports designed to assist individuals with disabilities to live as independently as possible within their community. It aims to provide individuals with the necessary tools and resources to help them manage their daily living activities, such as personal care, household tasks, and community engagement.

Supported independent living providers are responsible for delivering support and services to individuals with disabilities living in supported independent living arrangements. They assist with various tasks, including personal care, meal preparation, household chores, medication management, and access to community activities. SIL providers in Australia work closely with individuals to develop individualised support plans and ensure that their needs and goals are met.

While SIL providers offer essential support, it’s important to note that they do not provide 24/7 care or medical assistance. They are not medical professionals and cannot provide medical treatments or interventions. Additionally, The SIL providers are not responsible for managing an individual’s finances or making decisions on their behalf. Their role primarily focuses on assisting with daily living activities and promoting independence.

Supported Independent Living (SIL) and Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) are different support models for individuals with disabilities. SIL refers to the support provided to assist individuals in living independently, while SDA refers to physical accommodation. SIL focuses on providing support services, whereas SDA focuses on the design and accessibility features of the accommodation.

SIL funding is provided at different levels, depending on the support requirements of the individual. The levels range from low to high, with higher funding allocated for individuals with more complex needs. To access funding for SIL, individuals need to undergo an assessment by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).

SIL funding is categorised into four levels: low to high support needs. The levels are determined based on an individual’s functional capacity and level of independence. Level 1 provides minimal support, while Level 4 offers significant assistance and supervision. The funding level is assessed through a comprehensive assessment process, considering an individual’s support needs and goals.

To access funding for SIL in  Adelaide, individuals with disabilities can apply for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in Australia. The NDIS funds eligible individuals to access the support and services they require. The application process involves completing an assessment and providing relevant documentation to demonstrate the need for support.

Supported independent living includes assistance with various activities such as personal care, meal planning and preparation, housekeeping, shopping, and accessing community activities. It also encompasses support with developing life skills, managing finances, and fostering social connections. However, supported independent living service does not include medical or healthcare services, as healthcare professionals provide these. Additionally, SIL does not cover the accommodation cost, which falls under the purview of Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) funding.

Supported Independent Living offers a person-centred approach to housing, enabling individuals to live independently while receiving the necessary support to thrive. Individuals can make an informed decision about whether SIL suits them by considering the benefits and key considerations. Evaluating personal needs, financial resources, and readiness for supervised independent living is essential to determining and finding the best housing option that aligns with your goals and aspirations. You can also contact a registered NDIS provider like Care Assure, which will help you decide the best NDIS program.

Yes, children in Adelaide can receive Supported Independent Living (SIL) services if they meet the eligibility criteria outlined by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). The NDIS supports individuals with disabilities, including children, to live independently and participate fully in the community. You can apply for residential child care for your child if you prefer an in-home child care plan. 

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