Is NDIS Medium Term Accommodation(MTA) the right choice?

December 22, 2021    |    By Madeeha Usman    |    4 min read
Is NDIS Medium Term Accommodation(MTA) the right choice

Did you know? The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) also funds Medium Term Accommodation (MTA) for up to 90 days. However, NDIS only funds participants who are waiting on their disability-related supports with a confirmed housing option (long term).

So, what is Medium Term Accommodation?

Also, called MTA is one-off support that is usually up to three months or 90 days for NDIS participants, who are currently waiting to move into their long-term housing. Though, only the cost of accommodation is covered. And, it does not include any personal care supports or day-to-day living costs like internet, food, electricity.

Whose eligible for Medium Term Accommodation?

Before considering the eligibility of MTA, remember you have to provide evidence of housing at the end of your MTA tenure. Else, your application will be rejected. You must have a confirmed housing solution as evidence to be approved for MTA.

You may be eligible for MTA if you:

  • You need somewhere to live because of your disability support needs.
  • Your confirmed SDA property is not available due to home modifications or you are waiting on assistive technology.

Please note, NDIS may consider your MTA, if you:

  • You are waiting to move into a home and are waiting on your (Supported Independent Living) SIL funding.
  • You are waiting on your home modifications to be completed.
  • You have either left the hospital, aged care, hospital or a custodial setting. And, you need somewhere to stay, due to your disability support needs.

NDIS may also fund other “Home and Living Options” if you are not eligible for MTA.

When can NDIS reject your MTA application?

NDIS won't fund your Medium-Term Accommodation if:

Does not meet the reasonable and necessary criteria, for instance, if support or service is not related to participant’s disability.

  • If evidence of confirmed housing is not provided.
  • If other forms of support such as Short-Term Accommodation is more suitable as an option.
  • If it’s related to your emergency housing unless you are waiting on your disability-related supports such as home modifications or assistive technology.
  • If it’s for children in an out of home care arrangement or foster care.
  • If you have a confirmed offer of long-term community or public housing and are waiting on your disability-related supports.

What about the NDIS supports I may need during my MTA?

Personal care supports are not included in your NDIS funding. As mentioned earlier, it does not include your day to day living costs like Internet, food or electricity. However, you can use the funding in your plan for other supports during your MTA. For example, you can still use your funded personal care supports in your MTA.

Your NDIS planner may also speak to you about needing any other additional supports to ensure you receive maximum support for your needs.

What if I may need MTA for more than 90 days?

NDIS usually funds Medium Term Accommodation (MTA) for up to 90 days or three months. However, in exceptional situations, NDIS may consider your funding for longer than three months. More importantly, evidence is to be provided for such circumstances. For example, you are waiting on your home modifications, and the builder has provided you with an ETA of 120 days. With complete proof of evidence, NDIS could fund 120 days of your Medium-Term Accommodation.

I still have questions about Medium Term Accommodation, who can I speak with?

To enquire about your MTA support, you can speak with NDIS, your Support Coordinator or simply give us a call on 08 7071 9276. One of our friendly coordinators can support you with any NDIS housing queries you may have.

If you are an NDIS participant and are looking for other support options such as Supported Independent Living (SIL), Respite or Individualised Living Options (ILO), our Care Assure team can provide you further support based on your living preferences.

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