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NDIS – Registered SIL Services in Tasmania

Located in the heart of Tasmania, Care Assure is your No. 1 supported independent living provider with exceptional support and services. We are dedicated to fostering environments where individuals in Tasmania can thrive, grow, and achieve their personal goals.

Supported Independent Living (SIL) Tasmania

Are you a Tasmanian tired of being dependent all your life? Do you feel limited in your abilities? Are you ready to unlock your full potential and take control of your life? All you need is a supported independent living provider that prioritises your needs. Searching for trusted supported independent living services in Tasmania is a task most people give up on quickly, but it is required to live a fulfilled life. You yearn for environments where your needs are understood, respected, and addressed with empathy and care. What about ending your search for the perfect SIL provider now?

At Care Assure, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive support beyond mere accommodation for all Tasmanians. We know what creating inclusive, comfortable, and safe environments means to people with disabilities. Our dedicated staff provides round-the-clock support, assistance with daily living activities, and access to recreational and social engagements. 

With Care Assure, individuals in Tasmania can rest assured that they are not alone in their journey towards independence and autonomy. Our commitment to excellence, compassion, and personalised care is the cornerstone of our Supported independent living services in Tasmania.

Introduction Your to Supported
Independent Living (SIL) Services

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) gives people with a major disability more choices and ways to live. This support is provided through Supported Independent Living (SIL). This could be the right choice if one of your NDIS goals is to live more independently. Supported independent living (SIL) is the funding that helps people live as independently as possible.

Supported Independent Living is a great choice for disabled people who want to live a balanced and satisfying life. It mixes the benefits of independence with individualised support services, being a part of the community, learning new skills, and giving families and carers peace of mind. Moving to SIL can boost a person's self-esteem, help them grow, and give them a sense of belonging, all of which can improve their quality of life overall.

Understanding SIL Accommodation

Supported Independent Living (SIL) accommodation helps disabled people live independently by providing support and aid. People who are part of SIL can stay in their homes while still getting the services and help they need, like personal care, housekeeping help, transportation, and social events. SIL gives different levels of help based on what each person needs. Some may need help 24 hours a day, seven days a week, while others may only need help sometimes. SIL wants to give disabled people the tools to take charge of their lives and become more independent.

Disability housing vacancies can be provided in various settings, such as shared flats or single rooms. For people with disabilities, this gives them more options when choosing the best setting. Supported independent living is all about making sure that people who have problems because of their disability have the same chances to be a part of society as everyone else.

For people with disabilities, supported independent living (SIL) accommodation has many perks that help them live as independently as possible. Disability-friendly services at SIL allow disabled people to do their daily jobs with help. This makes it an excellent choice for people who need help but still want to be independent.

Available SIL Accommodation in Tasmania

Listing SIL accommodation options across Tasmania, highlighting locations, features, and vacancies. Care Assure's SIL accommodations are all over the cities of Tasmania. Here are some of the features of our SIL homes:

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Supported Independent Living Supported Independent Living

Individualised Support Plans

Our SIL accommodations usually have support plans that are made just for each resident based on their needs and interests.

NDIS Daily Activity Goals NDIS Daily Activity Goals
NDIS Daily Activity Goals

24/7 support

Care Assure SIL housings have support staff available 24/7, to help residents with any problems or situations that might arise.

NDIS Community Particiption NDIS Community Particiption
Training in independent skills

Training in independent skills

Our SIL houses often have programs that help residents learn important life skills like cooking, cleaning, and getting around.

NDIS Plan Management NDIS Plan Management
NDIS Plan Management

Community engagement

Our SIL accommodations make it easier for residents to participate in social events, recreational programs, and activities around.

Careassure Respite Care Careassure Respite Care
Careassure Respite Care

Accessible Homes

Our SIL properties are usually designed for PWDs. This makes sure that residents can move around the homes safely and easily.

NDIS Housing Services NDIS Housing Services
NDIS Housing Services

Health and wellness support

Care Assure SIL accommodations give people access to health care services that are good for their physical and mental health.

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Professional Assistance for Supported Independent Living in Tasmania

This type of respite care gives carer respite centre a safe place to socialise, do activities and get care during the day while giving carers time to do personal things or enjoy leisure activities. Care Assure day respite centres work to provide organised programmes and activities that help people make friends, keep their minds active, and stay healthy. This type is perfectly okay if you have to be in a place for a few hours and you don’t want your loved one neglected and alone. We can help with transportation and make sure that everyone who comes is safe and cared for.

Here is our SIL NDIS Tasmania range of services

Care Assure Supported Independent Living services are carefully tailored to help individuals in Tasmania live fulfilling and autonomous lives. Our services are customer-centric, and we respect individuals’ choices and needs; we ensure our environments are inclusive, comfortable, and safe. Here are some of the services you get to enjoy when you partner with us:

Set a goal for your home

When planning to move or find a new place to live, telling the NDIS is essential. It’s like giving them a heads-up about your plans. Adding a housing goal to your NDIS plan lets them know you’re looking for a new place to stay. This goal helps them understand your needs and how they can support you better.

A housing goal in your NDIS plan can be helpful, especially initially. It means the NDIS can give you more money to help you search for a place to live. This extra support can make a big difference when finding the right place for yourself. So, having a housing goal in your NDIS plan is like opening a door to more help. It shows that you’re taking steps towards finding a place where you feel comfortable and supported. And with that goal in your plan, the NDIS can provide the assistance you need to start your search on the right foot.

Navigating Supported Accommodation Vacancies

Getting a suitable Supported Independent Living accommodation vacancy is challenging, you have to put all your hands on the desk if you want the best. Here are steps you can follow to get a good one.

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Get help from a Support Coordinator

When you get your new NDIS plan, you’ll see that funds have been set aside just for looking into housing possibilities. By using this money, you can hire a support coordinator who can help you understand and weigh your living options. Furthermore, you will be given money to cover the essential health tests required for your rental application.

The NDIS and other healthcare professionals will work together to find the best in-home help for your needs based on the results of these tests. The support coordinator you have is very important for making sure that these tests are done quickly and correctly.

Even though these tests may seem tedious and take a lot of time, you need to do them to get the housing you want. By going through these tests, you make it easier to get the help and services that are best for you, which will improve your general health and quality of life.

Check out the housing choices and SIL service providers

Before deciding on your living arrangements, exploring the types of living and in-home support services available in your preferred area(s) is essential. Whether you’re considering a private apartment or a shared living space with supportive peers, beginning your search on platforms like the Housing Hub website is a good idea.

Once you’ve identified the type of housing that best suits your needs and preferences, you can explore NDIS Supported Independent Living (SIL) vacancies offered by reputable providers in your area. It’s important to note that different types of buildings and housing options may operate differently, so understanding these nuances can help you make informed decisions. By leveraging resources like the Housing Hub and looking for NDIS SIL vacancies, you can streamline your search for suitable housing options and providers who align with your needs and lifestyle. Exploring these options empowers you to make choices promoting independence, comfort, and overall well-being.

Talk to SIL Providers in person and ask questions

One crucial step in finding the right Supported Independent Living (SIL) home is to visit homes that meet your needs. Talk to present residents and their families while you’re there as much as possible. Check out the mood inside the house: is it warm and friendly? Do the people look happy? Pay attention to how the staff treats the residents and whether the place is clean and well-kept.

It’s a good idea to check out more than one SIL service, even if you like the first one you visit. Looking at several homes and services, you can find the one that best fits your wants and preferences. You have a better chance of finding a place to live where you feel supported, valued, and at ease if you look at several SIL homes and think about atmosphere, resident happiness, staff interaction, and cleanliness. By carefully comparing them, you can be sure to choose the SIL service that fits your goals and standards for living on your own the best.

Fill out the forms

Once you have decided on a Supported Independent Living (SIL) provider, your support coordinator will help you contact that service. Following that, you and influential people in your life, like family members, will meet with the SIL provider to talk about the help you need during the week, on the weekends, and at night.

Everyone will work together at this meeting to create a roster of care. The detailed care schedule on this list includes all the exceptional help and support you need. Once the SIL provider has all this information, they will create a price to send to the NDIS. This process ensures that your support needs are correctly recorded and that the SIL provider can talk about the level of care needed to meet your specific needs. By coordinating your care closely with your support coordinator and the SIL provider, you can move to supported independent living smoothly with all the right tools and help for you.

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Our Satisfied Clients

I was moving houses and opted for a specialist housing solution. The not only supported me with the housing but also with their plan management services. Madeeha (the director), was very warm and friendly, she helped with my invoices and claims as well. They made the process as smooth as possible.

Kylie Esca

My daughter needed support and I received phone calls and the pack from the team. They are quite fast and efficient with their service. I had full transparency and instant updates of care workers, and the cost. Highly recommended for individuals looking for complete disability support.

Bianca Brook

The housing maintenance is excellent with good hygiene. They provide housing solutions as per the needs of participant. The staff members were warm and friendly. They went out of the way, to ensure complete care and dedication.

Donna Nisbet

We are very pleased and satisfied to see my elder sister with Care Assure. The provide attention to detail with their services. And the housing solution was quite modern and comfortable. It felt more like home for my sister. They have also personalised her room with her favourite cartoon characters and ensure that she has access to everything she needs!

Marie Smedley

I became a client of Care Assure and recently moved to a specialist housing. I was assisted with a personalised staff member, who was completely accessible. The accommodation was well built, modernised and felt like my new home. I am very happy as their process is quite straightforward and well organised

Kerry Trevillian

SIL and SDA: Understanding the Connection

The difference between Supported independent living and Specialist Disability Accommodation is one aspect of NDIS participants want to learn about. Specialist Disability Accommodations are homes or apartments where people with disabilities live, including those who get SIL. SDA homes are meant to help people with very high support needs live independently so that other supports can be given better or safer. Special features in SDA, like accessible bathrooms, wider doors, and assistive technology, help disabled people live independently more easily.

The main difference between SIL and SDA is that SDA is a home type, and SIL is a service. SIL can be given in various living situations, such as private rental homes, while SDA is housing specifically designed to meet the person’s needs. Also, while SIL is available to NDIS participants who need help to live on their own, SDA is only available to participants who meet specific requirements, such as having a severe functional disability or needing a lot of help. Overall, you can opt-in for a specialist disability accommodation and have supported independent living services brought to you as well.

Why choose Care Assure

The supported independent living is as Important as the support you need to be separated. Care Assure is a customer-centric SIL provider in Tasmania that ensures you live a comfortable and independent life. Care Assure stands out for its commitment to personalised care, community integration, and holistic well-being, making it an excellent choice for those transitioning to independent living. Here are some reasons to choose us as your supported independent living (SIL) provider in Tasmania.

Locations We Serve

We offer respite care services to all the cities and towns in Tasmania, Australia. All you have to do is visit any of our respite care accommodations nearby and inspect if they meet your requirements. Some of our locations are below.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Respite care provides temporary relief to primary caregivers by offering professional support to care for their loved ones, allowing caregivers to take a break while ensuring their loved ones’ needs are met.
Respite care services are beneficial for primary caregivers of individuals with disabilities, chronic illnesses, or aging-related conditions who require regular assistance and support.
We offer various types of respite care, including in-home respite care, overnight respite stays, day programs, and short-term residential respite care.
If you’re feeling overwhelmed or in need of a break from caregiving responsibilities, respite care can provide the support you need while ensuring your loved one receives quality care and attention.
Respite care may be covered by certain insurance plans or government-funded programs, depending on eligibility criteria and specific circumstances. Our team can assist you in exploring available options.
We recommend scheduling respite care services as far in advance as possible to ensure availability and adequate time for planning. However, we also accommodate last-minute requests whenever feasible.
Our respite care staff members are highly trained professionals with experience in providing compassionate care to individuals with diverse needs. They undergo thorough background checks and receive ongoing training to maintain quality standards.
Yes, we encourage families to schedule a tour of our facility to familiarize themselves with our environment, meet our staff, and ask any questions they may have about our respite care services.
We create personalized care plans tailored to each individual’s needs, preferences, and medical requirements. Our staff members communicate closely with primary caregivers to ensure seamless transitions and continuity of care.
We prioritize the safety, comfort, and dignity of all individuals in our care. Our facility adheres to strict safety protocols, and our staff members are trained to respond effectively to emergencies and provide assistance as needed.

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