NDIS Life Skills Development

Improve your everyday skills to improve your everyday life

Expand your toolkit of life skills and build on your long-term independence with Care Assure. We are seeing South Australians flourish every day from our NDIS life skills development programs. Part of your NDIS Capacity Building (CB) funding, life skills development is an essential component to achieving more autonomy in your everyday life.

Whether you need support with personal care, planning your meals or develop skills to access your transport outings. At Care Assure, we ensure you are provided exceptional care with a team of highly qualified support workers.


What is life skills Development?

NDIS life skills development support helps you work on your goals to develop more independence and confidence, so you can make the most of your life. Through tailored support in various areas of your life, we will help you to build your everyday skills and practise CB daily activities so you are able to live as autonomously as possible.

We provide life skills development support across a range of areas in everyday life, including:

  • Personal hygiene: developing skills to shower, dress and conduct personal care autonomously
  • Food & nutrition: developing skills to plan meals, shop for groceries and prepare healthy meals autonomously
  • Cleaning & home maintenance: developing skills to complete housework, do laundry, gardening and general household repairs
  • Communication & social: developing skills to improve communication (verbal and written) with providers and carry out more engaging conversations with peers and people in the community
  • Transport & travel: developing skills to plan your outings and access public transport autonomously
NDIS Services - A lady Working on Wheel Chair

Why is life Skills development important?

Here at Care Assure, we recognise the various challenges faced by people living with a disability, especially when carrying out everyday tasks. However, we also believe that with the right attention, support and care, everyone can work towards independence with the development of daily living and life skills.

Not only does NDIS life skills development help improve independence, it is also met with increased confidence and motivation to make the most of life. With new skills, you can have more of your needs met by you, discover new opportunities and better handle life’s everyday challenges.

Let us help you

We’d love nothing more than to be your support and number one cheerleader during your NDIS life skills development journey. We are highly skilled professionals, with a passion for caring; here to provide you with tailored, innovative and specialised support and other NDIS services that help you meet your individual needs and goals to live independently in your home and community.

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FAQs about NDIS life skills Development

Depending on the life skills you wish to develop, training and support can be provided through:

  • Individual skill development: one-on-one training sessions, workshops or support
  • Group support: group activities, community events, skill development group session
  • In home training: support worker coming to your home

Care Assure is a registered NDIS provider in Adelaide. We provide support with a range of life skills development services. This also includes home repairs, cleaning, shopping, including personal care support.

For more information, please give us a call on 08 7071 9276 or send us a message.

At Care Assure, we match you with a support worker that you feel the most comfortable with. Our support workers are highly qualified with their NDIS requirements. This also includes Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training, to support you when times get hard or when you need a friend the most. 

Life Skills Development covers training and support that helps you to build and develop life skills. CB Daily Activities on the other hand, covers therapies that help you to build and develop life skills.

Care Assure is a South Australia based organisation with their head office in Adelaide and certain regional areas of SA. This includes Barossa, Victor Harbor, Port Augusta, Whyalla and Port Pirie.

Yes, you can hire a support worker that you feel is most suitable for your mum, with Care Assure or other NDIS providers. We usually recommend female support workers who are highly qualified in manual handling to ensure our clients feel the most supported with.

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