NDIS Improved Relationships

Improve the relationships you build with those around you by developing positive behaviors and managing your emotions more effectively. Improved Relationships NDIS supports therapies and behaviour management strategies that help you to feel more independent, in control and confident in life and in social situations.

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What is Improved Relationships in NDIS?

NDIS Improved Relationships is one of the nine sub-categories that fall under Capacity Building. This funding item is designed to support the development of more positive behaviours and interactions with others. Often this is achieved through the implementation of behaviour development plans, social support or behavioural therapy services.

When it comes to improving relationships with those around you, everyone faces different challenges. We understand different participants deal with various behavioural needs, some more complex than others. We also know how certain persistent behaviours can limit your ability to lead a quality and happy life. Therefore, Care Assure will work with you to develop a plan that caters to you, your needs and your goals. From communicating more confidently, to having more control over your emotions and behaviours, we are here to help you gain more control of your life.
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What type of support does Improved Relationships cover?

The type of support covered by Improved Relationships will depend on your individual needs and what is deemed reasonable and necessary to support your situation. However this may include:

  • Therapeutic supports in an individual or group setting to help you build healthier relationships, manage emotions and mental health, and improve overall well being.
  • Specialist behaviour management and intervention supports to help you better manage your behaviour and emotions in a more positive and controlled way.
  • Support groups to develop social skills, learn how to converse and interact with peers and practice social interactions.
  • Training for carers in behaviour management strategies so they can better understand your behavioural needs.

How to get Improved Relationships in your NDIS plan

To access NDIS Improved Relationships, you will need to discuss your goals to improve your behaviour and develop more positive social skills in your initial NDIS plan meeting or in your annual plan review.

It is important to gather as much information as possible detailing the behaviour challenges you face on a day to day basis and how it affects you in social situations. We highly recommend you obtain a report from your GP and/or current counsellor (if you have one) outlining your symptoms and what kind of support they consider necessary for helping you improve your behaviour and relationships.

Improved Relationships FAQs

No, the NDIS does not cover medication; it also cannot be used to fund general medical or dental treatments, hospital care, surgery or rehabilitation.

ADHD itself is not covered by the NDIS as it can be difficult for someone with ADHD to meet the NDIS eligibility criteria.

If you see the term ‘CB relationships’ in your NDIS plan, this is simply another term for Improved Relationships – one of the funding categories under Capacity Building.

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