NDIS Housing Providers South Adelaide

NDIS Housing Providers South Adelaide

Are you wondering how to get an NDIS housing provider in South Adelaide? Your worry is over because Care Assure is a registered NDIS service provider that creates a supportive and inclusive living environment for NDIS participants. Our top-notch housing solutions are tailored to meet individual needs and empower independence.

At Care Assure, our primary focus is to support individuals with disabilities in their quest for independent living. We believe that everyone deserves a place they can call home, where they feel empowered and have the opportunity to thrive. Through our range of housing options, we aim to provide comfortable and secure accommodations that meet the specific requirements of each individual.

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What is NDIS housing?


NDIS housing, also known as National Disability Insurance Scheme housing, refers to specialised accommodation options for individuals with disabilities in Australia. The NDIS is a government-funded program that aims to provide support and services to people with disabilities, enabling them to live more independently and participate fully in their communities. NDIS housing plays a crucial role in the implementation of the NDIS, as it focuses on addressing the unique housing needs of individuals with disabilities. The program recognises that suitable housing is essential for individuals to lead a fulfilling life and achieve their goals. It aims to provide various housing options that are accessible, affordable, and tailored to the specific needs of the residents.

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What will my living arrangements look like?

You have a variety of Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) options when it comes to Care Assure. We offer housing to all NDIS participants depending on what they want. Your living arrangement will be a cosy and well-equipped space, personalised to meet your unique needs and preferences. From accessible amenities to support services, we ensure a safe and inclusive environment that fosters independence and enhances your quality of life. Our housing has the following features;

Our NDIS home and living arrangements:

Our living arrangements are designed to meet the unique needs and preferences of each resident. We are committed to creating an inclusive, accessible, and supportive environment where individuals with disabilities can live comfortably and enjoy a sense of community.

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Do you provide NDIS housing options in South Adelaide?

Care Assure has been  NDIS housing business for years, therefore, we take pride in providing top-notch NDIS housing services in South Adelaide. Our mission is to provide you with a supportive, safe, and comfortable living environment that is individualised to meet your specific requirements. We will ensure that your living arrangement is carefully developed, easily accessible, and empowering by assembling a group of compassionate professionals to work on it. Our NDIS-approved  are homes are located in Smithfield, Davoren Park, Hillcrest, Seaford, Melrose, Plympton, Salisbury, Mawson Lakes, Port Augusta, Port Pirie and Whyalla. Get a taste of what it’s like to live in a community that encourages individualism and looks out for your best interests while you enjoy the comforts of home. speak to our friendly team For more information or to view a property, speak to our friendly team today at today on 08 7071 9276 or send us a message.

Housing Providers FAQs

The term “Specialist Disability Accommodation” (SDA) refers to the living arrangements that have been developed for people who have severe functional impairments or very high housing requirements. Its goal is to make it simpler to get support when needed. SDA typically requires residing in a home that is shared with a limited number of other individuals. You might also be able to live in SDA by yourself if that choice is the one that best accommodates your requirements and the dynamics of your situation. The cost of your home or the building you reside in is covered by the SDA financing you receive. In most cases, if you want to live in SDA, you will still be responsible for paying rent or other personal charges. It does not include any of the services or support that you may receive in the comfort of your home.

You can be qualified for the Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) programme if you are someone who lives with a severe functional impairment in their day-to-day life. Those who need a very high level of care can live more autonomously and securely obtain other services thanks to supported living arrangements (SDA). This is typically accomplished through the creation of individualised adaptations and accommodations that are tailored to the specifics of each individual’s situation.

The eligibility requirements for SDA are often determined on an individual basis. The decision on whether or not to provide help through the SDA is influenced by several different variables, and it also takes into account any other disability support services that you are using. In general, the only time the SDA will provide sponsored housing for you is if they determine that it is an improvement for you above any other type of support that you are presently receiving.

You may qualify for assistance from the SDA if any of the following apply to you:

  • Encounter severe and permanent functional disability. This indicates that you have difficulty with activities of daily living involving mobility, self-care, and self-management, such as taking a shower, walking, or performing chores.
  • Have significant requirements for assistance. Because of this, your family or the people you rely on for support in the community will not be able to provide the degree of care you require, but SDA will make sure you stay safe.

If you are one of the 94% of NDIS participants who are not eligible for SDA assistance, you are not alone; there are other sorts of assistance available through the NDIS. NDIS members can seek help through their NDIS plan’s three support budgets. Consumables (such as everyday necessities or low-cost mobility devices) or domestic job assistance may be provided within your Core Supports budget. You can also get aid from Improved Living Arrangements, which will help you find and keep a place to live.

The assistance you receive from the NDIS for housing will vary from person to person. It mainly depends on the kind of living arrangement that will accommodate both your needs and the limitations imposed by your disability. Nevertheless, the following is a brief rundown of the different forms of help that you might anticipate receiving if you choose to reside in one of the following NDIS housing options:

  1. Specialist Disability Accommodation
  2. Individual Living Options
  3. Short- and Medium-Term Accommodation
  4. Supported Independent Living

The NDIS will then decide which option is good for you and your disability needs.

Care Assure is happy to offer an increasing number of NDIS housing alternatives all over Australia. We are one of the most respected NDIS providers in Australia; therefore, we ensure that there are no waiting lists by working together with you and your family to choose the ideal residence that satisfies your requirements. Because our NDIS accommodation is placed near a wide range of amenities, such as public transit, medical facilities, retail precincts, entertainment, eating and more, you will have all you require to lead an independent and satisfying life.

Absolutely! At Care Assure, we focus a significant amount of importance on making our living arrangements as accessible and welcoming to as many people as possible. Our housing alternatives have been meticulously developed to meet a wide range of mobility requirements to provide our residents with an environment that is both comfortable and secure. We make it our mission to design environments that enable people with disabilities to go about their everyday lives with more ease, fostering independence and improving the overall quality of life for these people.

Yes, Care Assure is a provider that is registered with the NDIS. We ensure that our services are of the greatest possible quality by adhering to all of the NDIS requirements and standards, which we must do to remain a registered provider. Because of this, you can rest easy in the knowledge that Care Assure will provide you with assistance and services that are dependable and provided by trained professionals.

Here at Care Assure, we recognise the importance of providing our residents with a wide variety of support services so that we can meet their requirements. Our support services include things like personal care, aid with day-to-day living activities, participation in the community, skill development, and more. Person-centred care is provided by our skilled support personnel since they have been trained to deliver it. This means that the support we provide is centred on your requirements and preferences.

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