NDIS Housing Providers Hobart

NDIS Housing Provider Hobart

Care Assure provides NDIS accommodations for all NDIS participants in Hobart, Tasmania. We are a leading NDIS provider that offers 24/7 housing and support services. Come and experience a home that cares about your peace, comfort, and independence with our housing options.

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Welcome to Care Assure, a registered NDIS housing providers in Hobart City, Tasmania, Australia. We are known for providing secure housing experiences to all NDIS participants in Hobart. Our goal is to assist our clients in realising their dreams by providing them with comfortable homes and care support. We collaborate with our knowledgeable and skilled staff to positively impact our communities. We assist you and your family in experiencing more peace of mind with our licensed support workers. Here at Care Assure, your living satisfaction is our major commitment.

Getting your NDIS housing location in Hobart has great opportunities and accessibility to the care you deserve. Hobart is well situated near several important services, including hospitals, shopping malls, and leisure places. Our NDIS participants can travel independently and effectively to their desired places because of this accessibility. Hobart is a great place for our participants who could have family or carers nearby because of its family-friendly atmosphere. Being close to loved ones can bring comfort and added support. We have you in mind always and this is why our location is ideal for all participants.

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NDIS Housing

Your physical and mental health status is the reflection of the kind of support and care you receive. Why not go for the best, then? Care Assure ensures its participants experience nothing short of premium housing support. We collaborate closely with them and their families to create a strategy that supports our participants’ objectives and aspirations. We assist with everyday chores like cooking and cleaning and help with getting community resources and events. We aren’t just a housing provider; we are your helpmate whenever the need arises. Also, we understand how it might be to live with a disability and still try to navigate the NDIS process. Care Assure provides information, advice, and advocacy to ensure participants receive a fair and accurate assessment and appropriate support plans. Additionally, we assist participants with understanding and appealing NDIS decisions, ensuring their rights are protected. Our support ensures that participants have the necessary assistance to navigate the NDIS confidently and clearly.

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Housing options for people with disability

When it comes to housing for individuals with disabilities, the NDIS has changed everything by giving many more options, greater support, and the chance to live more independently. It’s crucial to understand that not all NDIS participants can be eligible for housing funding. The four major housing options provided by NDIS are:

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Comfortable Homes

One of our top concerns is providing our members with cosy houses that meet their needs and preferences. We are aware of the substantial positive effects a comfortable living environment can have on an individual’s general well-being. In order to accomplish this, we collaborate closely with individuals and families to comprehend their unique needs and design their houses appropriately.

We build our homes with housing modifications in mind, making sure everything makes life easier for our clients. To enhance their comfort and independence, we place a high value on amenities like adjustable beds, and sensory-friendly spaces. We also make sure that our houses are tidy, well-maintained, and furnished with all the necessities to provide a comfortable and caring atmosphere for our guests.

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Convenient Locations

We are aware that ease and accessibility play a critical role in guaranteeing our participants a successful and happy life. As a result, we take great care to choose ideal locations for our assisted living homes. Essential services, including public transportation, and medical facilities, are all conveniently located near these areas.

Our members can move around their surroundings with ease, whether they are completing errands, going to doctor visits, or participating in social activities. This ease fosters social integration and community involvement and increases their independence.

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Community Living

Promoting community living is central to our support for NDIS participants. Living in a supportive community fosters a sense of belonging and enhances overall quality of life. Our supported living facilities are in neighbourhoods that foster social interaction, inclusivity, and community engagement.

 We encourage our participants to participate in community events, activities, and outings. They develop relationships, gain a sense of belonging, and enhance their social skills by engaging with the broader community. 

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A Dedicated Team of Professionals

We are aware that ease and accessibility play a critical role in guaranteeing our participants a successful and happy life. As a result, we take great care to choose ideal locations for our assisted living homes. Essential services, including public transportation, and medical facilities, are all conveniently located near these areas. Our dedicated team is the backbone of our organisation’s ability to provide high-quality care and support for our NDIS participants. Our team of highly skilled and experienced individuals is committed to delivering personalised and tailored services to meet the unique needs of each participant.

Our staff members work collaboratively with participants, their families, and healthcare professionals to develop personalised care plans that align with their goals and aspirations. By providing this individualised support, our team ensures that our participants receive the right blend of care, assistance, and advocacy to reach their full potential.

Supported Independent Living Supported Independent Living

Understanding the

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a government-funded program in Australia that provides...

Supported Independent Living Supported Independent Living

How does the NDIS

Based on a scheme of support approach, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides each person with a disability...

Supported Independent Living Supported Independent Living

Making an NDIS

NDIS develops your plan considering your specific circumstances and needs for disability help. They will make use of the details...

Supported Independent Living Supported Independent Living

What support can be
funded in an NDIS package?

People with disabilities should be able to enjoy the same things in life as everyone else, including housing, employment...

How the NDIS Works – A Brief Over

The national disability insurance scheme is an Australian-funded program introduced on July 1, 2013. Its emergence was a motivation to help people with disabilities get the support and care they need. It has undergone rigorous changes over the years to improve its services to all Australians.

How can I benefit from the NDIS?
Supported Independent Living Supported Independent Living

What is an NDIS

To fully understand your requirements and needs, NDIS creates a plan which has all your important information. Your NDIS plan outlines...

Matching your needs with our
Adelaide’s NDIS services

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Supported Independent Living (SIL)

At Care Assure, everyone should have the chance to live independently, no matter what. Our SIL service is committed to nurturing independence and ensuring a high quality of life for all.

Short-term Accommodation (STA)

We provide comfortable accommodations for participants who need them for short stays. We create a safe and inclusive environment to ensure you always feel at home. Your break is made safe and fun.

Medium-term Accommodation (MTA)

Our MTA homes empower individuals to gain confidence, and develop the skills necessary for independent living. We provide a supportive environment for participants to take meaningful strides towards their long-term goals.

In-home Care & Daily Support

At Care Assure, each day brings you the opportunity for growth, connection and enjoyment. Our services go beyond our homes as we provide in-home care for participants who want it.

NDIS Plan Management

Our NDIS plan managers ensure that your NDIS funding is utilised effectively and aligned with your goals. With Care Assure, you can experience seamless plan management that opens your NDIS potential.

Community Participation

One of Care Assure’s main goals is to provide community respite services through participation. This service will encourage individuals to explore their passions, develop new skills, and contribute to the community.
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SDA Housing in Hobart

Specialist disability accommodation is an NDIS housing option specially made for individuals with extreme impairments. This accommodation aims to provide support and care, which is done by paying for the accommodation while the individuals take charge of the support they receive. These accommodations aim to provide a safe and comfortable environment that promotes inclusion, independence and choice. Supported disability accommodation aims to provide tailored housing options for PWDs irrespective of their living arrangements. 

There is also an option for in-home care whereby the individual stays at home while receiving the support needed. To be eligible for NDIS-supported disability accommodation, individuals must meet specific criteria outlined in the NDIS Access Criteria. The NDIS funds the accommodation based on the individual’s needs, goals, and choices. Funding considerations include the type, level of support required, and location.

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Are you still doubting how great NDIS would be for you?

Care Assure is here to let you experience a new beginning with NDIS.

Elevating lives through our quality NDIS-approved homes

Our NDIS-approved homes in Adelaide, SA, are equipped with various accessibility features and modifications. This is to ensure our residents’ safety, comfort, and independence. You can check out our homes anytime to ensure they align with your NDIS plans.

For Rent SIL

2 jessie place, Mount Gambier

2 jessie place, Mount Gambier SA 5290

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Available date: 09/10/2023

For Rent SIL

1 Perch Court, Kingston TAS

1 Perch Court, Kingston TAS 7050, Australia

4 2




Available date: 02/02/2024

For Rent SDA

26B Brodie Rd, Reneylla 

26B Brodie Rd, Reynella SA 5161, Australia

4 3




Available date: 02/02/2024

Our NDIS Approved Homes

Why choose
us in Devonport?

Choosing a housing provider in Hobart might seem challenging because you want what’s best for yourself, and that takes time. You should go for registered NDIS providers because of their experience, expertise and professionalism. We at Care Assure surely match your housing requirements. With over 5 years of experience in the NDIS housing industry in the Adelaide region, especially in Hobart, you tend to enjoy the following:

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Our Satisfied Clients

I was moving houses and opted for a specialist housing solution. The not only supported me with the housing but also with their plan management services. Madeeha (the director), was very warm and friendly, she helped with my invoices and claims as well. They made the process as smooth as possible.

Kylie Esca

My daughter needed support and I received phone calls and the pack from the team. They are quite fast and efficient with their service. I had full transparency and instant updates of care workers, and the cost. Highly recommended for individuals looking for complete disability support.

Bianca Brook

The housing maintenance is excellent with good hygiene. They provide housing solutions as per the needs of participant. The staff members were warm and friendly. They went out of the way, to ensure complete care and dedication.

Donna Nisbet

We are very pleased and satisfied to see my elder sister with Care Assure. The provide attention to detail with their services. And the housing solution was quite modern and comfortable. It felt more like home for my sister. They have also personalised her room with her favourite cartoon characters and ensure that she has access to everything she needs!

Marie Smedley

I became a client of Care Assure and recently moved to a specialist housing. I was assisted with a personalised staff member, who was completely accessible. The accommodation was well built, modernised and felt like my new home. I am very happy as their process is quite straightforward and well organised

Kerry Trevillian

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

NDIS housing refers to housing options specifically designed for people with disabilities under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). It has several options readily available for individuals who need support. These options include:

  • Supported independent living (SIL): This offers people with disabilities the opportunity to live independently with staff support.
  • Specialist disability accommodation (SDA): SDA refers to housing that meets specific design and accessibility requirements to accommodate the needs of people with disabilities.
  • Accessible housing: Accessible housing refers to housing that is designed to be accessible and suitable for people with disabilities, regardless of their disability type.
  • Shared accommodation: This accommodation type involves people living with disabilities sharing a house or unit with others who also have disabilities.

NDIS participants can access housing options through a variety of ways:
Self-managed: Participants can choose to manage their own NDIS funds and choose housing options without relying on a service provider.
Plan-managed: Participants can appoint a plan manager responsible for coordinating their support and housing arrangements.
Agency-managed: Participants can choose to have the NDIS manage their funds and provide support in obtaining housing.
Combination: Participants can choose a combination of self-managing and agency-managed support.

NDIS housing provides several benefits to people with disabilities, including Independence: People with disabilities can live independently and enjoy greater control over their lives.
NDIS housing options allow participants to choose the housing that best fits their needs and preferences.
Housing options under NDIS can offer support services such as personal care, meals, and transportation, enhancing participants’ quality of life.
SDA and accessible housing options ensure that people with disabilities have equal access to housing that meets their needs.
All these benefits can be enjoyed when you choose a leading NDIS provider like Care Assure. We ensure your needs come first and your best lives are achieved with us.

To be eligible for NDIS housing, participants must meet the NDIS eligibility criteria and undergo an assessment to determine their housing needs. The NDIS assesses disability type, support requirements, and independent living skills.

The type of support available under NDIS housing depends on the individual participant’s needs and preferences. Some common support options include

  • Assistance with daily activities such as personal hygiene, dressing, and medication management.
  • Support with household tasks, such as cleaning, cooking, and laundry.
  • Assistance with social interactions, community services engagement, and activities.
  • Temporary breaks for caregivers by providing support in the home or at a respite facility.

It is possible you don’t know the best support for yourself. Care Assure can help with choosing an ideal support for your impairment. This will ensure the care you get from NDIS helps with your style of living.

This is one of the numerous benefits of NDIS to its participants. NDIS participants have the right to choose their housing option, subject to availability and funding availability. Participants are encouraged to explore different housing options and make informed choices based on their needs and preferences. This is why it is important as an NDIS participant to choose the right housing provider for yourself.

NDIS participants can review and update their housing options at any time. Changes can be made based on changes in support needs, personal preferences, or the availability of more suitable housing options.

NDIS participants can find housing options by visiting the NDIS website or contacting their local NDIS provider. The NDIS provider can help participants navigate the available housing options and provide support and guidance throughout the housing process.

Yes, NDIS housing can be accessed alongside other government programs that support people with disabilities. The NDIS is designed to work alongside other disability support options to provide a comprehensive and coordinated approach to disability support.

While there is overlap between NDIS housing and supported independent living (SIL), there are key differences between the two. NDIS housing refers to housing options specifically designed for people with disabilities under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). These options can include supported independent living, specialist disability accommodation, accessible housing, and shared accommodation.

SIL, on the other hand, is a type of accommodation under the NDIS where people with disabilities live independently and receive support tailored to their needs. It is designed to provide participants with choice, control, and independence in their home environment.


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