NDIS Group Activities

With NDIS group activities, participants have the opportunity to meet like-minded people and develop their social skills, while participating in capacity building activities that build their skills and independence in everyday life. Here at Care Assure, we run a range of NDIS group activities and programs in Adelaide and certain areas of regional SA, supporting your journey to foster healthy and meaningful relationships.

What are NDIS funded group activities?

NDIS group activities involve group-based support for participants, with an aim to help broaden social experiences and develop new skills in various areas of life. Participants have the option to undertake activities independently within the group space or join in on facilitated group workshops where they can meet and engage with like-minded people.

Our NDIS group activities include:

  • Learning to cook or bake
  • Learning new skill such as a language course
  • Arts and crafts-based activities
  • Board games
  • Exploring local community events in SA
  • Camping
  • Outdoor recreational activities

Care Assure organises group and community-based activities in Adelaide and regional SA all year round. If you have any specific event or skill you would like to explore, feel free to speak with our events team on 08 7071 9276 or send us a message.

How can I access NDIS group activities

Participants can access NDIS group activities through their NDIS Capacity Building budget. This can be accessed through the “Improved Daily Living” category. Improved daily living, or CB daily activity, is one of nine Capacity Building sub-categories, designed to increase life skills, independence and community participation through training and/or therapies. This budget is generally available for participants who have goals to live more autonomously and build on their independence skills in day to day life.

How Care Assure can help you

We provide a range of NDIS services each tailored to your goals and your needs. Importantly, when you choose Care Assure NDIS group activities, you open doors to a range of exciting opportunities, such as:

  • Meeting new people and making new friends
  • Increasing your independence in everyday life
  • Building important life skills
  • Improving your socialisation skills
  • Engaging in new and exciting activities
  • Exploring your personal interests
  • Having fun!

Expand your skills & broaden your horizons

Care Assure is here to help you reach your goals for increased independence and community participation. With NDIS group activities, we tailor all our programs to meet your individual goals and needs, catering to your personal interests and opening doors to new experiences. So be it fishing, exploring a museum in Adelaide or learning a new language. We are all in! We love to learn and make memories that last a life time.

Learn more about our events and programs today! Speak to our friendly team on 08 7071 9276. or send us a message.

FAQs related to NDIS group activities:

The NDIS will not pay for your holiday expenses, however they may be able to cover the costs of additional support that you will need related to your disability while on holiday. For example, community nursing care for your medical needs or disability support workers to help you plan, book and travel to your destination. NDIS can also cover the cost of respite care.

Yes, we do provide holiday respite programs in Adelaide and regional SA. We provide weekend getaways to explore the local events and programs. Moreover, we also customise a participant’s itinerary based on their interests and hobbies. For more information, please visit our STA respite programs or give us a call on 08 7071 9276 for detailed queries.

Yes, we do! Based on an individual’s likes and interests, we help participants explore their social and community goals based on what they like! If you are a carer or a support coordinator looking to enrol your loved one or your client in our group activities. Please contact us on 08 7071 9276 or simply send us a message.

Yes, we do! We organise one to one or group-based programs in Adelaide, Victor Harbor, Barossa, Port Augusta, Whyalla, and Port Pirie. Get in touch with our friendly team for more information about our NDIS group activities.

CB daily activities under the NDIS is another term used to describe ‘Improved Daily Living’, which is one of the nine sub-categories of the Capacity Building support category. This support covers funding for assessment, training or therapies that are intended to help increase your life skills, independence and participation in the community.

The NDIS does not cover gym memberships. However, participants with funding for ‘Improved Health & Wellbeing’ under Capacity Building support can access exercise and diet advice to better manage the impact that their disability may have on their physical wellbeing.

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