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We provide you MTA Respite with a temporary home while you wait for your long term home.

NDIS Services - A man Smiling
NDIS Services - A man Smiling

Your comfort and our NDIS Medium-Term Housing commitment

At Care Assure, we’re all about making your stay in our NDIS Medium-Term Housing super comfy. Whether you’re here for respite or a longer stay, our facilities are designed to meet your unique needs. Our staff, specially trained to support individuals with disabilities, are here to ensure your stay is safe and enjoyable.

With Care Assure, you’re not just a guest but a valued member of our community. Your peace of mind is our top priority, and we’re here to make your stay as comfortable and convenient as possible. Care Assure has got your back with a safe and personalised space that’s all about you!

Elevating lives through our quality NDIS -approved homes

Our NDIS-approved homes in Adelaide, SA, are equipped with various accessibility features and modifications. This is to ensure our residents’ safety, comfort, and independence. You can check out our homes anytime to ensure they align with your NDIS plans.

Elevating lives through our quality NDIS-approved homes

Our NDIS-approved homes in Adelaide, SA, are equipped with various accessibility features and modifications. This is to ensure our residents’ safety, comfort, and independence. You can check out our homes anytime to ensure they align with your NDIS plans.

For Rent SIL

2 jessie place, Mount Gambier

2 jessie place, Mount Gambier SA 5290

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Available date: 09/10/2023

For Rent SIL

1 Perch Court, Kingston TAS

1 Perch Court, Kingston TAS 7050, Australia

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Available date: 02/02/2024

For Rent SDA

26B Brodie Rd, Reneylla 

26B Brodie Rd, Reynella SA 5161, Australia

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Available date: 02/02/2024

Welcome to Care Assure: Trusted NDIS Medium Term Accommodation Provider

Transitioning to a permanent or modified home is a lot to take in, and it needs adequate support for reassurance. Care Assure is here to help those waiting for a permanent home or just out of the hospital. We provide temporary homes in Adelaide to make participants feel comfortable and not alone.

We have engaging activities and events to foster community engagement for a short period. Our MTA service in Adelaide also ensures you can build your life goals while you wait. Truly amazing, right? We are the bridge helping you maintain stability and continuity in your lives. When you choose Care Assure, you choose support, comfort and safety.

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What is MTA respite care?

One of the home and living assistance that NDIS funds is called medium-term accommodation. It is funding for a place to live if you cannot move into your long-term home because the homes are not yet ready.

Providing accommodation over a medium period is not an independent support service. NDIS only includes it in your plan as a component of your other home and living assistance requirements because they feel it is necessary. In most cases, they will pay for accommodations for up to ninety days on a medium-term basis.

Where Every Stay Feels Like Home

Home is where peace finds its true abode. Care Assure meticulously created an environment that feels like home. Therefore, if you want a place with the right support, team and co-residents, Care Assure is always available for you. Beyond being a home, it’s a place where you can unwind, recharge, and create lasting memories. 

We also have dedicated team members who focus on making your stay exceptional and amazing. They are always available for support and offer personalised help. With Care Assure, a stay with us means comfort, convenience and hospitality. Our homes seamlessly blend the warmth of a home with the service of a professional.

NDIS Services - Respite Care Service
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Do you wish to get started with our MTA services?

You don't have to be uncomfortable during your transitioning time. Contact us at Care Assure so we can make this period worthwhile.

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Our Satisfied Clients

I was moving houses and opted for a specialist housing solution. The not only supported me with the housing but also with their plan management services. Madeeha (the director), was very warm and friendly, she helped with my invoices and claims as well. They made the process as smooth as possible.

Kylie Esca

My daughter needed support and I received phone calls and the pack from the team. They are quite fast and efficient with their service. I had full transparency and instant updates of care workers, and the cost. Highly recommended for individuals looking for complete disability support.

Bianca Brook

The housing maintenance is excellent with good hygiene. They provide housing solutions as per the needs of participant. The staff members were warm and friendly. They went out of the way, to ensure complete care and dedication.

Donna Nisbet

We are very pleased and satisfied to see my elder sister with Care Assure. The provide attention to detail with their services. And the housing solution was quite modern and comfortable. It felt more like home for my sister. They have also personalised her room with her favourite cartoon characters and ensure that she has access to everything she needs!

Marie Smedley

I became a client of Care Assure and recently moved to a specialist housing. I was assisted with a personalised staff member, who was completely accessible. The accommodation was well built, modernised and felt like my new home. I am very happy as their process is quite straightforward and well organised

Kerry Trevillian

Our Medium Term Accommodation includes:

Our medium-term accommodation has everything you need for your transitioning period: support, care, activities, etc. We ensure our homes make this period less tense, and more fun, and generally enhance your quality of life. You enjoy the following in our MTA homes;

I need Care Assure MTA
background Supported Independent Living

Personal Care

We If you need a professional to care for your needs, you are at the right place. Care Assure support has a team of dedicated workers ready to always tend to participants' needs.

Supported Independent Living Supported Independent Living

Quality Food

Food is one of the most essential parts of life, and Care Assure doesn’t joke with its food quality. Always expect a meal cooked with love and care.

Supported Independent Living Supported Independent Living


Comfortability comes first when searching for a place to call home. Care Assure has well-facilitated homes that make you feel in place.

Supported Independent Living Supported Independent Living

Lifestyle Activities

It gets boring as time goes on, and here is why we always have engaging activities to keep our residents alive and healthy.

Why choose
Care Assure?

As one of Adelaide's top NDIS medium-term accommodation providers, best believe you are in for a fantastic ride.  Choose Care Assure for your NDIS MTA needs and experience the difference in care, support, and quality of life we provide. Below are some of the benefits:

Empowering Your Well-being with Continuous NDIS Care Services

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Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Care Assure’s SIL services are a commitment to your personal growth and well-being. In your journey to independence, Care Assure is your go-to partner.

Short-term Accommodation (STA)

Comfort and safety are at the forefront of our STA service. We go the extra mile to create an environment that meets physical needs and fosters emotional well-being.

Medium-term Accommodation (MTA)

We provide a safe space for you before transitioning into a permanent home. On your temporary stay, you are assured of a premium experience with Care Assure.

In-home Care & Daily Support

We understand you might want your NDIS support to take place in your home. We can visit you at your place and provide all the necessary help and daily support you need.

NDIS Plan Management

What else is so satisfying than watching experts take charge of your NDIS funds? Care Assure has a team of NDIS plan managers that can help with your NDIS funds.

Community Participation

Our activities cater to a diverse range of interests. Care Assure provides events for individuals to explore their passions, and connect with like-minded peers.

icon Enjoy our MTA Homes before transitioning to a permanent one

Do you want to be part of the Care

MTA Respite Care —Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Eligibility for NDIS medium-term accommodation typically depends on a range of factors, including the specific requirements of the individual and their NDIS plan. To be eligible for MTA, you need to have a home and you’ll be moving into another place to live in the intermediate term. In most cases, NDIS will pay for accommodations for up to ninety days on a medium-term basis on a medium-term basis.

Medium-Term Accommodation (MTA) is a type of support that can be funded under certain circumstances as part of an NDIS participant’s plan. NDIS will only provide financial assistance for medium-term housing if your impairment makes its provision necessary.

If you require short-term accommodation because your house and living support are not yet available, NDIS may be able to provide MTA funding for it. Because of the assistance requirements associated with your impairment, you will incur an additional temporary expense for medium-term housing.

If your impairment has nothing to do with the accommodation you need for the medium term, NDIS won’t pay for it. In addition, they do not provide funding for day-to-day living expenses. For instance, they won’t fund short-term housing that doubles as long-term rent. Also, if you are getting general repairs and modifications done to your house that aren’t relevant to your disability support needs, NDIS won’t provide funding for your medium-term accommodation needs.

The MTA NDIS cost is only covered by the cash designated for medium-term housing up to a maximum of ninety days. You will still be responsible for paying for items such as your food, internet, energy, and any other regular bills and expenses associated with living.
You can choose a place to stay within your financial means as soon as you know the nightly charge for the accommodation and the financing included in your plan. You or your provider can only submit a claim for your medium-term housing up to the maximum amount specified in the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits. To learn more about the MTA pricing, you can check out the NDIS price guide for more information.

If you stay in a medium-term lodging that costs less than the maximum daily amount, for instance, the amount you can claim is limited to the amount that you really paid for the accommodation. You can only claim the maximum daily amount even if you opt to stay in lodging that costs more than the maximum amount allowed. You will be responsible for shouldering the additional financial burdens.

MTA stands for Medium-Term Accommodation. It refers to a type of NDIS support that provides temporary accommodation for participants who require a place to stay for a defined period. This can be due to various reasons, such as changes in living arrangements or temporary respite for participants and their families.

MTA typically covers accommodation and associated support for a temporary period. This may include services like personal care, assistance with daily living activities, and other support depending on the participant’s specific needs.

STA (Short-Term Accommodation) and MTA are similar in that they offer temporary accommodation and support. The main difference lies in the duration of stay. STA generally lasts shorter durations, from one overnight stay to a few weeks. Conversely, MTA caters to medium-term accommodation needs, which could extend to several weeks or even months.

The benefits of NDIS Medium-Term Accommodation include providing a stable and supportive environment for individuals needing temporary accommodation. It can be precious during transitions, for families needing respite, or for individuals whose usual living arrangements are unavailable or changing.

The types of accommodations available for MTA participants can vary widely. They might include purpose-built facilities, group homes, or other suitable accommodations that meet the specific needs and preferences of the participant.

Care Assure prioritises the training and development of its staff to ensure they have the necessary skills and knowledge to provide high-quality care for individuals with disabilities. This often includes training in disability awareness, communication techniques, and specific support needs.

Care Assure’s NDIS MTA Respite service is designed to cater to children and adults. We understand that respite needs can arise across all age groups, and our services are structured to meet the unique requirements of each demographic.

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