NDIS Improved Living Arrangements

NDIS Improved Living Arrangements

If you need assistance in your current home or need help finding a new one, Care Assure is here for you. With NDIS Improved Living Arrangements funding, you’ll receive support from people who truly care about your living situation and want to see you comfortable, safe and happy in the place you call home.

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What is Improved Living Arrangements?

Improved Living Arrangements is one of the nine sub-categories within NDIS Capacity Building. This particular funding item is designed to guide and help facilitate moving into a new home or supported independent living arrangement. NDIS Improved Living Arrangements can also cover any support required to ensure you feel comfortable in your home and that it adequately meets your needs and circumstances.

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What type of support does Improved Living Arrangements cover?

Improved Living Arrangements is all about helping you find a home that offers a safe, comfortable living situation and improves your quality of life. You can therefore use this funding category to cover:

  • Guidance when searching for a new accommodation
  • Support in ensuring a new accommodation is suitable for you and your needs
  • Help applying for rental properties
  • Navigating rental agreements
  • Support in meeting tenancy rules
  • Support in organising shared accommodation or supported independent living arrangements
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How to get Improved Living Arrangements in your NDIS plan

To access NDIS Improved Living Arrangements, you will need to discuss your desire and need to improve your current living situation in your NDIS plan management meeting (or in your annual plan review meeting).

It is important that you describe in detail how your living arrangement could be improved, and what challenges you face in your current living situation so that your LAC or Support Coordinator can understand the type of support you may need. It is also recommended that you gather evidence from your GP detailing your disability and the kinds of support you require within your home in order to live comfortably and ensure quality of life.

Improved Living Arrangements NDIS FAQs:

If you are unable to search for new accomodation on your own, the NDIS may provide funding to cover a support worker to help you during the house hunting process. Be sure you have ‘moving to a new home’ as a goal in your NDIS plan so that this capacity building funding category can be included.

The NDIS may contribute to the cost of accommodation when a participant is in specialised housing due to their disability and it is considered reasonable and necessary.

No, rent is not covered by the NDIS. The NDIS does not cover everyday expenses that are not directly related to a person’s disability.

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