Improved Health and Wellbeing NDIS

Improved Health and Wellbeing NDIS

Health and wellbeing is an important part of everyone’s lives. With a healthy lifestyle comes the opportunity to live with greater independence, do more things that you love and feel happier each and every day. Care Assure wants nothing more than to see you live happily and healthily, which is why we’re here to support your improved health and wellbeing NDIS journey.


What is Improved Health and Wellbeing (NDIS)?

Improved Health and Wellbeing is one of the nine sub-categories within the NDIS Capacity Building funding category. This particular NDIS funding item is there to support participants with a goal to improve their overall health and wellbeing by covering the cost of supports that facilitate improved physical and mental health.

Participants with this goal may want to learn to lead a healthier lifestyle or perhaps they have been held back due to an injury or their disability and want to better their overall physical and mental health for a more enriched life. No matter your situation, Care Assure will work with you to develop a health and fitness program designed for you and your lifestyle goals.

What is Improved Learning

What type of support does Improved Health and Wellbeing cover?

There are a number of ways you can use this funding category to support your journey to improved health and wellbeing. This could include:

  • Personal training or exercise physiologist appointments
  • Support and assistance when attending a gym, sports groups or exercise classes
  • Developing an exercise plan that is suitable to your abilities and designed to increase your strength and mobility
  • Dietician appointments
  • Support in doing grocery shopping and meal preparation
  • Support in working towards your health and fitness goals

At Care Assure, we help you achieve your personal and professional goals with ease. Be it fitness or social goals. Our team of support workers in Adelaide, and regional SA are passionate about helping you create a life, you wish to create for yourself.

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Why is Improved Health and Wellbeing an important goal to have?

Learning to look after yourself with better lifestyle choices is an important part of leading a more independent life. When we work towards building our health and wellbeing, it enables us to develop more confidence and independence in completing day to day tasks as well as getting out in the community to try new things. Having a goal to improve your health and wellbeing could therefore assist with:

  • Improving your overall physical health and fitness
  • Increasing your overall mental wellbeing and evoking a sense of fulfillment in life
  • Boosting your independence and gaining the ability to complete more tasks and activities with ease
  • Building new skills for everyday life
  • Developing the capacity to do more things for yourself
  • Increasing your social skills
  • Improving your overall quality of life

How to get improved health and wellbeing in your NDIS plan?

If you have met the NDIS eligibility criteria and you want Improved health and wellbeing in your NDIS plan, be sure to discuss this during your planner meeting. If you wish to have it added to your plan, then you must do this in your annual NDIS plan review. Make sure you are prepared with information and evidence as to why you believe Improved Health and Wellbeing NDIS funding will support your NDIS goals.

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Improved Health and Wellbeing FAQs:

Participants may be able to use their NDIS plan to cover the cost of yoga classes if it aligns with their NDIS goals. Be sure to speak to your LAC or Support Coordinator to see if you have scope to have your yoga lessons covered by the NDIS.

The NDIS does not pay for gym memberships, however you can use your funding to cover the cost of a personal trainer if you have Improved Health and Wellbeing in your NDIS plan.

CB stands for Capacity Building, which is one of the 3 main funding categories. It focuses on the development of new skills and strengthening participant’s ability to lead a more independent life. Where you see CB in front of another funding sub-category, this simply means it falls under this main budget.

Yes, we do provide support to individuals with their appointment commitments including transport assistance. Our team of qualified support workers accompany participants to their appointments including their visits to GP clinics, tuition, personal training session or a community service that you are required to attend. We also provide support with pick-ups and drop offs to ensure you have a smooth journey and a tireless day.

As we do not currently provide dieticians or nutritionists, however our team can certainly assist you with practicing healthy diet options recommended by your dietician. This also includes light or heavy workouts (based on your personal trainer’s advice only).

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