CB Daily Activities

CB Daily Activities are a program of therapies to help you build your everyday life skills with ease. With the added support from a range of activities and NDIS services, we are seeing South Australians build their confidence and lead more independent lives every day. Be it hydrotherapy or working with an OT, we are always here to support you with your CB daily life goals.

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What is CB Daily Activities (NDIS)?

Also known as NDIS improved daily living, CB Daily Activities is a subcategory of your Capacity Building NDIS budget. This category covers therapies and professional services that contribute to your goals to build life skills and everyday independence. These particular therapies can be received individually or in a group setting. They can also extend to your carers or families who require training to support your life skills development.

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What does CB Daily Activity cover?

As mentioned, CB Daily Activities covers therapies and professional support services involved with building your life skills. This may include:

  • Occupational therapists (OT)
  • Physiotherapists
  • Speech therapists
  • Psychologist or counsellors
  • Music therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Lessons or training

How do these therapies contribute to building life skills?

Based on every individual’s needs and goals, therapies can be an important aspect of their NDIS plan. The goal of every therapy is to inspire an individual to improve the quality of their life through learning lifelong coping skills, or practicing stress management techniques. The NDIS helps you to explore therapies based on every individual’s needs, and may look like:

Example 1:

One of your goals is to improve your communication and social skills. Your NDIS funding (CB Daily Activity category) could pay for a speech therapist or counsellor to help you develop the skills required to reach this goal

Example 2:

You have a goal to improve your daily independence. Your NDIS funding could provide for in-home cooking lessons so you can prepare your own meals; or training to catch public transport and plan trips so you can travel independently.

Learn more about how to use your NDIS budget with our plan managers

How does NDIS work?

Let us help you

The Care Assure team in SA is here to help you throughout your CB Daily Activities journey. We are highly skilled professionals, with a passion for caring; here to provide you with tailored, innovative and specialised disability support services that help you meet your goals to live independently in your home and community.

We offer NDIS funded supports in Adelaide and surrounding areas of regional SA including Port Augusta, Whyalla and Port Pirie.

FAQs about CB Daily Activities:

All NDIS registered providers are bound by the maximum limits of the NDIS price guide. You may be able to negotiate a lower rate with individual providers if you are self-managed or have an NDIS plan manager. If you are using a non-registered provider, the limits do not apply, therefore you are free to pay a price you are comfortable with.

Unlike Core Supports, Capacity building supports are not flexible. This means if you have funding for ‘Improved Daily Living’, you can only use that funding for that allocated category. No leftover funds can be transferred to another Capacity Building category.

You can access this support if you have Capacity Building funding for ‘Improved Daily Living’ in your NDIS plan.

Unfortunately, we don’t provide OT assessments! However, we would be happy to find you a list of certified OTs to help you and your carer decide the best match for you.

Do you provide support with other Capacity Building Supports by NDIS?

Yes, we do provide support with other capacity building categories such as CB choice and control (which includes plan management of your NDIS funds), fostering positive behaviour and relationships (improved relationships), improved living arrangements, lifelong learning and support with daily activities.

For more information on Care Assure support and services, please get in touch with our friendly team on 08 7071 9276 or send us a message.

Yes, we do! We have NDIS accommodations all over Adelaide and certain areas of regional SA such as Port Augusta, Port Pirie and Whyalla. For more information on our housing support, please view: Care Assure NDIS Housing

Yes, as a registered NDIS provider, we also work with children. This may involve, homework support, appointment commitments, school pick up and drop offs, transitioning to university or TAFE and many more. We take our compliance very seriously and ensure all our support workers have WWC clearance including police and DHS clearance.

With us, your child will always be in safe hands!

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