NDIS Housing Providers Devonport

NDIS Housing Provider Devonport

You don’t have to search endlessly for an NDIS Housing Providers in Devonport again. Care Assure has come to provide top-notch homes that are well-designed for people with disabilities. Be among the lucky individuals to experience the NDIS support Care Assure has to offer.

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If you are an NDIS participant in Devonport, Tasmania, in North Australia, it’s time to experience a new living dimension with Care Assure. We are an NDIS housing provider that ensures our participants enjoy a purposeful living. Our goal at Care Assure is to give our NDIS housing participants the best care possible. Our team of dedicated professionals works hard to make your homes safe, helpful, and welcoming. This is to make sure everyone can reach their full potential and live their whole lives. You can thrive in our safe and caring environment, which includes a 24/7 personalised care plan, collaborative partnerships, life skills training, and social activities. We want our clients to be able to live their best lives by valuing their freedom and choice. We thought about you before making Devonport our housing location. It is located near essential services and support networks. This makes it convenient for residents to access healthcare, education, and employment. Also, Devonport boasts a favourable climate, providing a pleasant living environment throughout the year. The neighbourhood is diverse and inclusive, fostering a supportive community for disabled individuals. With its location in North Australia, amenities, and community spirit, Devonport is an ideal choice to house our NDIS residents.

NDIS Housing

With over six years in the NDIS housing industry, we have proven to be among the best providers in Devonport. Care Assure specialises in providing individuals with disabilities with comprehensive NDIS support services. We offer bespoke solutions that adapt to the particular demands of each client, thanks to a staff of highly skilled and experienced individuals. Our services include daily activity assistance, respite care, and assistance with independent living. We excel at working directly with customers and their families to develop a personalised plan that fulfils their goals and desires. We enjoy providing high-quality services and ensuring our clients receive the best possible care and assistance. Our NDIS support services aim to help participants understand the NDIS system, get funds, and get the most out of their NDIS plan. We know how important it is to ensure everyone gets the help they need to reach their goals. When making a plan for a participant, our experienced staff ensures that it satisfies that person’s specific wants, abilities, and preferences.

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Housing options for people with disability

Australia provides several housing options for people with disabilities. They ensure each option caters for those who need it. There are some meant for people with severe impairment, and others are meant for those who only need support from NDIS. Here are some of the options available:

SIL Housing in Devonport

Supported independent living (SIL) allows persons with disabilities to be as self-sufficient as feasible. This can mean different things to different people, but SIL housing and services generally give people the essential support to govern their lives. Supported independent living is ideal for those with impairments who require a high level of assistance. SIL’s mission is to offer persons the assistance and tools they need to live as independently as possible while still having access to support services as needed.

This could be assistance with shopping, cleaning, bill payment or providing a safe and supportive environment where people can live and work freely. Whatever the situation, the goal of SIL is to provide people with greater options and control over their lives. People who live in shared living and require round-the-clock support are frequently eligible for SIL financing. Its purpose is to pay the salaries of the house’s support staff.

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SDA Housing in Devonport

Specialist disability accommodation in Devonport ensures a tailored housing option for each NDIS participant. If you need a lot of help and your home needs a lot of changes, Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) is the best option for you. In Devonport, Australia, SDA is vital in providing appropriate and individualised housing options for disabled individuals. The primary purpose of SDA is to provide accessible and adaptable living environments for people with disabilities.

These accommodations cater to the specific needs of individuals, ensuring they live with dignity, independence, and as much choice and control as possible. SDA can have various features such as accessible bathrooms, ramps, and other assistive technologies. SDA provides disabled individuals the necessary support to live independently, promoting their autonomy and choice. 

ILO Housing in Devonport

Individualised living options, often known as ILO, are a form of assistance that lets you live your life suitably. It is not possible to purchase a home with assistance from the ILO. There are several options available with ILO. You might reside in a host’s home, or you might share your home with other people living there. ILO’s goal is that you can live your life in a manner that is most suitable for you.

These arrangements are reflective of the way that many people in Australia live. They allow you to devise a suitable support system rather than mandating that you “fit in” to an existing model. Individuals who choose ILOs do not suddenly require less support than before. ILO may be the initial move some individuals take from their parental home. It is not possible for ILO assistance to cover the rent or mortgage of an NDIS participant.  ILO is about assisting people to live in their own homes.

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Supported Independent Living Supported Independent Living

Understanding the NDIS

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a government-funded program in Australia that provides...

Supported Independent Living Supported Independent Living

How does the NDIS work?

Based on a scheme of support approach, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides each person with a disability...

Supported Independent Living Supported Independent Living

Making an NDIS plan

NDIS develops your plan considering your specific circumstances and needs for disability help. They will make use of the details...

Supported Independent Living Supported Independent Living

What support can be funded in an NDIS package?

People with disabilities should be able to enjoy the same things in life as everyone else, including housing, employment...

How the NDIS Works – A Brief Over

The national disability insurance scheme is an Australian-funded program introduced on July 1, 2013. Its emergence was a motivation to help people with disabilities get the support and care they need. It has undergone rigorous changes over the years to improve its services to all Australians.

How can I benefit from the NDIS?
Supported Independent Living Supported Independent Living

What is an NDIS plan?

To fully understand your requirements and needs, NDIS creates a plan which has all your important information. Your NDIS plan outlines...

Matching your needs with our Devonport's NDIS services

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Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Our SIL service provides a safe and supportive environment for individuals with disabilities to live independently. We offer various accommodation options catering to different needs and preferences.

Short-term Accommodation (STA)

Our Short-term Accommodation (STA) services provide a comfortable and secure place to stay for short periods. Do not hesitate to come on board on days you need a break from your caregiving job.

Medium-term Accommodation (MTA)

Our MTA homes are designed to emulate a real-world living situation. Participants can practise daily routines, meal preparation, and other essential life skills. Your temporary stay can be better with us.

In-home Care & Daily Support

Our daily activities program offers recreational and social opportunities to foster personal growth. We aren’t restricted to our homes alone. We provide in-home care if you want to remain in your abode.

NDIS Plan Management

Our experienced team can assist with NDIS plan management, ensuring that funding is allocated appropriately. We make sure you have access to the support and services you require with your NDIS funds.

Community Participation

What’s independence if you can’t enjoy events and activities with people you love? We empower our residents to thrive within our homes and flourish as active, engaged members of their communities.
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Are you confused about how to get started?

We know, and Care Assure is here to help you all through your NDIS processes.

Elevating lives through our quality NDIS-approved homes

Our NDIS-approved homes in Adelaide, SA, are equipped with various accessibility features and modifications. This is to ensure our residents’ safety, comfort, and independence. You can check out our homes anytime to ensure they align with your NDIS plans.

For Rent SIL

2 jessie place, Mount Gambier

2 jessie place, Mount Gambier SA 5290

4 2




Available date: 09/10/2023

For Rent SIL

1 Perch Court, Kingston TAS

1 Perch Court, Kingston TAS 7050, Australia

4 2




Available date: 02/02/2024

For Rent SDA

26B Brodie Rd, Reneylla 

26B Brodie Rd, Reynella SA 5161, Australia

4 3




Available date: 02/02/2024

Why choose
in Devonport?

When choosing a housing provider in Devonport, you must select one that meets your requirements. We at Care Assure focus mainly on providing a home that improves your quality of life. Our dedicated team is committed to working with NDIS participants to ensure their housing needs are met. Here are some reasons we are the best for you:

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Our Satisfied Clients

I was moving houses and opted for a specialist housing solution. The not only supported me with the housing but also with their plan management services. Madeeha (the director), was very warm and friendly, she helped with my invoices and claims as well. They made the process as smooth as possible.

Kylie Esca

My daughter needed support and I received phone calls and the pack from the team. They are quite fast and efficient with their service. I had full transparency and instant updates of care workers, and the cost. Highly recommended for individuals looking for complete disability support.

Bianca Brook

The housing maintenance is excellent with good hygiene. They provide housing solutions as per the needs of participant. The staff members were warm and friendly. They went out of the way, to ensure complete care and dedication.

Donna Nisbet

We are very pleased and satisfied to see my elder sister with Care Assure. The provide attention to detail with their services. And the housing solution was quite modern and comfortable. It felt more like home for my sister. They have also personalised her room with her favourite cartoon characters and ensure that she has access to everything she needs!

Marie Smedley

I became a client of Care Assure and recently moved to a specialist housing. I was assisted with a personalised staff member, who was completely accessible. The accommodation was well built, modernised and felt like my new home. I am very happy as their process is quite straightforward and well organised

Kerry Trevillian

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a program that offers financial assistance to individuals with disabilities all around Australia. This is to help them fulfil their needs for support and services. The program provides financial aid to individuals in order to assist them in achieving their goals and living independently.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides access to funds for housing-related assistance and services. This might assist you in locating a suitable place to reside. It is possible that this will involve assistance with modifications, support with rental payments, and assistance with locating housing options that are suitable.

Accessing housing services through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) requires going through the application procedure and being evaluated by NDIS professionals to establish whether or not you are eligible for funding. You will be required to obtain a valid NDIS plan that includes housing support and meet the eligibility requirements in order to be chosen.

Of course, you have the right to select your own housing provider. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) gives you the freedom to select a provider that caters to your exact requirements and preferences by allowing you to select among the several possibilities that are available in your region.

You have access to a variety of housing support services under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), including the following:

  • Modifications to your home that will make your living spaces more accessible
  • Options for people with high support requirements to receive specialised accommodations for people with disabilities (SDA) 
  • Rental assistance to assist with the associated costs of dwelling
  • Information and guidance from specialists in the field of disability accommodations
  • The coordination of support services to assist you in navigating the housing system and managing your assistance requirements.

We, at Care Assure, provide a variety of housing services that are specifically designed to cater to the requirements of people who have disabilities. Included in our services are:

  • Options for assisted living arrangements as well as supported independent living
  • Specialised accommodations for people with disabilities 
  • Guidance and assistance for young adults who are leaving their homes
  • Provide assistance in coordinating in order to assist in navigating the housing system

The housing services that we provide are accessible across Australia’s cities. We have many homes across a wide range of states and areas. It gives you the opportunity to select a location that is most suitable for your needs.

What different kinds of assistance should I expect?

You will be able to live freely and accomplish your objectives with the assistance of our housing services, which offer a variety of supports. Among these may include assistance with activities of daily life, food, the management of medications, and access to the community. Support services, such as counselling, therapy, and social events, are also available with Care Assure.

We do, in fact, specialise in providing accommodation and support for those who have autism spectrum disorder (ASD). We have a team of trained staff members that are familiar with the specific requirements of individuals who have this disorder and are able to modify our services to fit the specific requirements of these individuals.


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