NDIS Assistance with Daily Life

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What is Assistance with Daily Life

NDIS Assistance with Daily Life is a funding sub-category under Core Supports. The aim of this NDIS budget is to cover the support you need in everyday personal activities so that you can live as independently as possible in your home and community.

As each person living with a disability has different needs, the type of daily support participants receive will vary from person to person. Assistance with Daily Life NDIS support is therefore tailored to you and your unique needs. This way everyone receives the level of help they require to lead a more independent life.

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What type of support is covered with Assistance with Daily Life

When it comes to NDIS Assistance with Daily Life, we are talking about all the tasks and activities we do on a day to day basis. This includes things like getting out of bed and showering, eating meals, getting ready for the day, and heading out into the community.

Here are some examples of what Assistance with Daily Life support might look like:

  • Help with getting ready for the day (getting out of bed, showering, getting dressed etc.)
  • Help with household chores (doing the dishes, cleaning or gardening)
  • Help with preparing your meals or covering the costs of meal delivery services
  • Help with getting around the community and using public transport

This NDIS funding category is designed to support you in all these things, however little or much you need. You can have support workers assist you in these tasks, supervise as you learn to be more independent, or do them for you if you are unable to carry out any tasks yourself.

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How to Access Assistance with Daily Life support?

Receiving Assistance with Daily Life NDIS support is assessed on a case-by-case basis. For this reason, it is important to come prepared to your NDIS planning meeting with your planner, where you will discuss as to why you require this support to meet your daily needs and help you reach your goals. Collate supporting evidence such as reports about your disability or recommendations from your GP explaining how such support will be beneficial to you. If it is deemed ‘reasonable and necessary’ in your situation, your LAC or NDIS Planner will ensure it is included in your plan.

Assistance with Daily Life FAQs

The level, type and cost of support funded for Assistance with Daily Living is dependent on each participant’s specific support needs. Some participants have more complex needs and therefore need more support in day to day life, where other participants may only need assistance with certain tasks.

The type of support under Core Supports relates to assistance that is necessary and required for a participant to complete daily activities, where without this support they would not be able to do it on their own comfortably or safely – therefore covering the cost of a support worker to help them. The type of support under Capacity Building relates to building a participants skillset so they are able to develop independent living skills and reduce the level of support required on a day to day basis – therefore covering the cost of assessments, therapy and training.

The aim of NDIS assistance with daily life is to support individuals maximise their independence and achieve their goals with ease. However, there are certain items that NDIS does not cover, such as:

  • Food or ready made meals (including delivered meals)
  • Household items such as cleaning supplies
  • Personal items not related to your disability (i.e. toiletries or cosmetics)
  • Rent, board or mortgage payments
  • Tickets for events, concerts, movies etc.

We are always here for you! With a 24/7 support team, we ensure all our SIL and SDA residents have accessible support to reach out, not just in emergency but also in times when they need someone to speak with.

Yes, we do provide support in Northern suburbs of Adelaide including Tea Tree Gully, Salisbury, Highbury, Mawson Lakes, Para Vista and other areas of Northern Adelaide.

Yes, we do provide support in Southern suburbs of Adelaide including Hindmarsh, Henley Beach, Kidman Park, and other areas of Southern Adelaide.

At Care Assure, we have an experienced team of support workers including quality assurance administrators, where we work with individuals living with neurological impairment such as dementia, Sturge-Weber syndrome, including individuals living with nervous, physical, sensory or speech impairment.

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